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On the planet Peace (which is anything but), lesbian dakotaraptor riders, were-brachiosaurs, Slavic witches, triceratops cowboys, and interplanetary adventure await you!

“Stant Litore’s Incursion brings a new and fantastic universe alive, packed with vivid characters and colossal beasts...” – Richard Ellis Preston, Jr., author of Romulus Buckle and the City of the Founders
“This tale of clashing philosophies, racing dakotaraptors, and abiding love is a salve for a wounded soul. It reminds us not only that the fight can be won, but that the fight is worth waging...” – O.E. Tearmann, author of The Hands We’re Given

Here is what you'll find in this series:


Available in kindle, paperback, and audiobook editions.

Looking for a thrilling tale with lesbian dakotaraptor riders, were-brachiosaurs, Slavic witches, triceratops cowboys, carnivorous cacti, and love in the time of dinosaurs?

If you’ve been looking for a series like that, Stant Litore has your back. In Incursion, join Sasha Nightwatcher and her wife Yekaterina on a wild dash across the violet prairie to save their alien homeworld.

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Coming in 2022.

One woman can be slain; when twenty ride together, an entire world can’t break them. 

Except tonight Sasha Nightwatcher doesn’t have twenty ready for combat. She doesn’t even have ten. Just exhausted refugees whose homes are on fire. And an injured wife. And a sixty-year-old gunslinger, Vasilisa, riding an enraged ankylosaur. Oh, and a library who ran away from home a thousand years back, full of secrets and disguised as a metal girl.

And that’s not good, because tonight spaceships are falling from the sky. There’s gunfire in the corn, a giant amphibian monster in the woods, and deathless tyrannosaur-riding slave soldiers from space who want the planet Peace for themselves. But to get it, they’ll have to get through Sasha, Vasilisa, and Katya first. The world may look different by dawn, but the night’s not over yet. Saddle your raptor and join our heroines in Invasion for a pitched battle at midnight.


Coming in 2023.

Sometimes when you rescue the princess, she turns out to be the empress of an invading alien battlefleet.

And that's just the beginning of Mulele Skyborn's problems. Tasked by Sasha Nightwatcher with bearing a desperate message to every settlement on a wild and perilous world, he has to contend with furious tribesmen, nanotech-enhanced aerial assassins, titans of dark forest and deep sea, a mysterious swordswoman riding an albino tyrannosaur, and a crash-landed empress who insists only he can help her avert the destruction of his world.

As for Mata Keva, stranded on the planet Peace, she has just days to get a message back to her fleet before an Armada deprived of its matriarch swoops into action that might prove disastrous for both fleet and planet. Only Mulele and his flying quetzalcoatl can get her there...but are her ships still answering to her?


Available now in kindle, paperback, and audiobook editions.

Before The Dakotaraptor Riders, there was The Running of the Tyrannosaurs.

2000 years in our future, an empire's holiest festival is celebrated with dinosaur races and gladiatorial games on the backs of armored titans. These gladiators and the dinosaurs they ride become a visible display of the Republic's power, captive fighters adored by millions yet compelled to battle not only the tyrannosaurs and other genetically engineered beasts of the arena, but also the loneliness in their hearts.

Yet Empire is a fragile thing. Tonight, on the red sands of the arena and inside the hollow asteroid where the dinosaurs are grown, the secrets these gladiators discover will shake their entire world. Join us aboard the orbital colosseums and meet Egret (Livia Tenning), Jaguar (Nyota Madaki), and Timberwolf (Mai Changying)!

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Right now I'm very deep in the writing of the second volume, Invasion. Upcoming volumes (3-6) are titled Armada, Deathclock, Screaming Ship, and Cataclysm. Each widens the scope of the story and the world, raises the stakes, and brings you new adventures, new dinosaurs, new alien creatures, and the next chapter in this wild story of invasion, resistance, and love in the (future) time of dinosaurs. And there will be more books after those; I have a big story to tell and I hope you'll love being along for the ride. Follow me here and keep checking back for updates. The Dakotaraptor Riders is a vast and exciting saga of interplanetary adventure, and you won't want to miss any of it!


The cover art for this amazing series is by these talented artists:


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