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A naiad, a geneticist-goddess, a necromancer, a cyborg knight, a monster hunter, and their companions seek answers to the violence in the universe.

This lavish, full-color edition includes 20 illustrations and 9 sketches by artists Roberto Calas, Chaz Kemp, and Frankie Serna, and a frontispiece by Novae Caelum. Let these paintings sweep you away to an eldritch and wondrous version of our universe, populated by strange beings and by our own strange descendants.

The book is available in MOBI (kindle) and EPUB (nook, tablet, smartphone) editions.

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The Story

One day, homo sapiens will burn half the universe—and after, our descendants will cross billions of light years to atone and forget.

In the pages of Dante's Heart, join Mara the naiad, the monster-hunter Dante, Fang Yu the cyborg knight and her lover Siwatu the necromancer, and Azar Almasi the intergalactic geneticist (and deity) as they search the universe for the secret of violence.

From a foot-trek through forests made of glass, to the pools where the tadpoles of dragons are born, from alien planetscapes to pitched battles in the silent dark between the stars, who will survive humanity's last pilgrimage?


"Dante's Heart is like Clive Barker, Octavio Paz, and Dante Alighieri are playing D&D together. Lush stuff and more imaginative than most fantasy fare." - Marc McDermott

"Dante's Heart isn't as much a story as it is an epic poem. Visually and emotionally evocative, it seems to be this gifted author’s heartfelt rumination on pain, loss, and the human propensity toward violence. To read it is to step through an oil painting into another world. But beware: Once there, you may have trouble finding your way back out. Not that you'll necessarily want to, because Dante's Heart is both terrifyingly and achingly beautiful." – Michael Whiteman Jones


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